There is no question that natural marble is an extremely beautiful, elegant and sophisticated material with countless applications in the design world.

It is so very easy to picture a natural marble bathroom because the limestone material has reigned over this part of our homes since the Roman times.

Marble bathrooms are a luxurious choice but also cutting-edge and timeless due to their versatility and the endless subtleties and aesthetics this material can adopt.


Using natural marble on bathroom walls and other bathroom surfaces is a commitment to a long-lasting material with a timeless aesthetic of great value.

Besides using it to cover bathroom walls and floors, it can also be found on accessories and part of the furniture.

In fact, another very popular suggestion is to install a marble vanity unit and convert this room into a distinguished space. This material is so versatile that it can even be used to create marble bathroom sinks.


Natural marble can be found in countless colours in nature, which is why we can choose almost any colour we want when using this natural stone for bathroom tiles. However, the most widespread trends are:

These are the different bathroom marble colours:

White marble bathrooms are a reflection of the most dazzling purity and a classic option that has remained popular over the decades.

A white marble bathroom is elegance in its purist form. They are a very popular choice for contract projects and are also highly fashionable in private homes

There are many types of white marble, such as Macael, Calacatta or Carrara, which are perfect for creating white bathrooms or simply for use on a vanity unit.

Furthermore, a small white marble bathroom boosts the aura of this space in your home because it enhances the light and a visual sensation is produced of the room being much larger.

If you’re after a more daring idea, choosing a black marble bathroom is the way to go because it guarantees an original and innovative result.

There are many types of black marble, including Nero or Marquina marble, and they all reflect a great sense of the spectacular that will leave an impression on everyone, whether applied to countertops or used as wall and floor tiles.

Travertino marble bathrooms are a classic that always shine with great elegance. It is a highly harmonious stone, whether applied to surfaces or bathroom furniture.

Travertino marble for bathrooms stands very strong as a timeless option that will never go out of fashion.

When looking for warmth and nature, designing a beige marble bathroom is a safe bet. This natural stone combines perfectly with other materials, and also provides vibrancy to the space and stands out from any other feature with natural grace.

Without a doubt, beige is a highly versatile colour that can be used in classical, minimalist, rustic or contemporary bathrooms.


As we have seen, natural marble in the bathroom can be applied as a smooth surface for the walls or bath, or in block form when used for the vanity unit or sink.

However, we recommend contacting your trusted distributor ask for a catalogue to to suit the requirements of your bathroom.


Natural marble is a material that does indeed require certain attention and care if you want to keep it looking as good as new, especially when used in spaces like the bathroom.

The best recommendation is to look after it daily, because that means any possible stains will be easier to remove. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to recover its original appearance.

When cleaning a marble vanity unit that is constantly exposed to sink splashes, soap and other bathroom products that can leave the surface opaque over time, it is best to use a damp cloth and apply a pH neutral product or cleaning vinegar dissolved in lukewarm wate

Wipe gently until the stains disappear and then leave it to dry naturally.

When cleaning walls or floors, we recommend using a cloth or soft brush dipped in lukewarm water mixed with cleaning vinegar or a pH neutral soap.

Marble is a natural product with a porous surface, so it is important to stress the sensitivity of marble to acidic products. The use of anti-limescale or very aggressive cleaning products is therefore not recommended.

One of the best ways to make sure your marble shines brightly is to apply bicarbonate dissolved in water and then wipe the surface with a clean brush or cloth.

If the surface still refuses to shine, you can add lemon juice to this mix, rinse well and leave it to dry.

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