Bathroom countertops are one of the most important components of this part of any house or public space, so choosing the right countertop is one of the most important decisions for guaranteeing success.

The countertop holding the bathroom sink is subject to constant water and soap splashes, moisture, cleaning products and cosmetics, amongst other things.

It should therefore be made from a high-quality and hygienic material capable of withstanding daily use and remaining in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Certain aesthetic qualities are also essential; in other words, it needs to be visually appealing and bring style and beauty into the space.

Hence, when choosing a material for your bathroom countertops, marble is a great option that offers elegance and versatility, as well as incredible technical qualities.


The main advantages offered by a marble vanity top include the following:

  • Marble is one of the strongest and longest-lasting construction materials that exist. The marble used by the Ancient Greeks has remained almost unchanged into modern times.This guarantees resistance against the specific conditions to be found in a bathroom, such as moisture. Furthermore, it is also a material capable of withstanding chemical agents and other external agents often found in these spaces, staying in a good condition for a long time.
  • When using marble, the entire bathroom countertop can be made from a single piece. This keeps joints to a minimum and offers a uniform design with an outstanding finish.
  • Bathroom countertops should be easy to maintain and clean, so choosing marble as your bathroom countertop material is a great option that will prevent the spread of bad odours or bacteria.
  • Aesthetically speaking, marble is an exclusive material because no two blocks are the same. This means you are guaranteed exclusivity in the design and the final result.Furthermore, it is a highly versatile material that enables a range of different finishes and textures.


Given that no two bathrooms are alike, many factors need to be considered when designing the perfect bathroom. These factors include functionality, the type of project (private or contract), the size of both the furniture and overall space, and personal taste, amongst others.

Given that no two bathrooms are alike, many factors need to be considered when designing the perfect bathroom. These factors include functionality, the type of project (private or contract), the size of both the furniture and overall space, and personal taste, amongst others.

At present, there are three main types of bathroom countertops in the world of interior design for which marble is the material of choice:

Built-in bathroom countertops are produced for the exact space that is available in the bathroom and the base of the unit is usually made from bricks and covered with cement, tiles or mosaic tiles.

The design is entirely customised and tailor-made for the space and the needs of those who will use it, which is why so many configurations are available.

One great idea is to complement this with a large piece of marble with a sink included.

Hanging bathroom countertops are becoming very popular because they perfectly suit the design of minimalist style.

In this regard, marble lets you create an entire hanging countertop from a single piece that produces a pleasing aesthetic effect and a great sense of space, especially in smaller rooms.

Furthermore, marble lets you incorporate the sink basin into the same piece if you want, further enhancing that integrated design.

A bathroom vanity unit with a marble countertop is a sophisticated and highly elegant option under any circumstances but, given its versatility, its advantages multiply when dealing with custom bathroom countertops.

A custom bathroom countertop is an excellent solution for small spaces as it allows you to perfectly adapt your unit to the space and create some unique bathroom furniture that fully adapts to the size and style of your room.

Because it is a natural product, marble can be shaped from the moment it is extracted from the Earth and perfectly adapted to the final design.


If you are looking for an exclusive marble bathroom countertop, we recommend getting in touch with us so we can offer a quote that is tailored to the needs formats and style of your project, letting you buy the perfect bathroom countertop.


Marble is a highly popular material for countertops but it does require some specific maintenance to ensure durability and a good condition.

If you want to know how to clean your bathroom countertop, here is the answer:

For the daily cleaning and maintenance of a marble bathroom countertop, we recommend using clean water and a pH-neutral soap. Apply this mixture using a clean cloth in a circular motion.

For deeper cleaning and if using abrasive products, do not forget to rinse afterwards with plenty of water to remove any remaining product and then dry it well with a clean cloth.

Taking into account that marble is a natural stone and therefore porous, some cleaning products can be aggressive and damage its surface.

Specifically, anti-limescale products can be harmful to a bathroom countertop made of natural marble.

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