Marble staircases are a must-have to make the difference in any space, as they bring grandeur and sophistication to the indoors and outdoors design. However, being a high traffic area, it requires the perfect material to guarantee longevity.

Marble stone for stairs is one of the favourite choices of architects and interior designers due to its durability, high resistance to all weather conditions, pollution effects and cleaning products, making the installation of marble stairs an absolute success in all their projects.

The veins and the natural chromatic variety of the Gris Pulpis® Natural Stone provide elegance and distinction in exclusive homes, shopping centers, museums and theaters, where lining marble stairs is more common.

In addition, the different finishes of the marble stair treads allow us to create different models of marble staircases to design spaces that combine tradition and modernity.


Marble is a versatile material that fits in any home decor. The different Gris Pulpis® finishes allow us to achieve modern marble stair designs, such as marble cantilevered staircases or marble spiral staircases. Perfect choices for interior marble staircases that, combined with indirect lighting, will bring a minimalist and differentiated style to marble stairs.

From the most rustic to the most polished finishes, the wide variety of textures and shades of Gris Pulpis® Natural Stone allows you to create completely different spaces, adapting this element to the decoration and style of any environment, both indoors and outdoors.

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Nowadays, there are different colours for marble staircases, depending on the stone chosen

Although white marble stairs are more common (especially when it comes to compact marble stairs), the most innovative also dare with Gris Pulpis® marble stairs, which add a unique and exclusive touch to any project.

These are the different marble staircases colours:

White marble staircase is well known for being the more classical and traditional one due to its installation in many buildings and homes throughout history, downgrading originality on those projects where white marble is chosen for the staircases.

Gray marble stairs are the perfect option to achieve projects that speak for themselves. Gris Pulpis® is a natural stone, exclusive to Santa Magdalena de Pulpis, which not only connotes luxury and distinction, but also ensures a resistant, durable and easy-to-maintain space.

which make it the best marble for stairs.Its shades and finishes bring lighting to any project, conveying calm and serenity from a dark palette.

Travertino marble stairs were the most popular stairs used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Because of its frequent use in antiquity, the installation of this marble variant does not achieve modern marble staircase designs.

Despite the elegance and sobriety of black marble stairs, this style of marble is not for everyone. Saint Laurent or Negro Marquina marble can harden the space.

Saint Laurent marble or Black Marquina can harden the space. In its place, Gris Pulpis® marble is an alternative when looking for a space with dark tones that conveys peace and sophistication.


Its quality/price ratio is higher, since these stair treads are highly resistant, featuring a long life, thus becoming a safe investment for any space. If you want more details, do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us.


To clean marble stais, it is only necessary to use specific cleaning products for marble, then cleaning the area with water to remove the product and finally drying it with a dry cloth to prevent water from penetrating the stone, as marble is a very porous material.

To keep the brightness of these spaces, proper maintenance is needed, as well as polishing marble stairs periodically. There are also products and tools that allow us to polish marble stairs, to recover their initial shine.

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