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Mármoles Serrat is a family marble company founded in 1965. From its beginnings with a small artisan workshop, the company has been expanding its company facilities and currently has two production centers and a showroomand the quarry.

Our Marble QuarryMármoles Serrat is a family business founded in 1965 by the father of the current owners.Our quarry is located in Santa Magdalena de Pulpis ( Castellón), Spain. Started operation in 1998.

Marmoles Serrat is known for their ongoing research and development, its search for improvement characterizes this company, and it’s inherent to it.

The innovation department is constantly developing new finishes, which produce very different effects on the same product, making each of them special.

This effort is mainly reflected in two main ways: on the one hand, an ambitious and demanding policy of research and improvement of the company's infrastructure, in order to meet the needs of our customers without losing an iota of quality which is proverbial in the case of Gris Pulpis®: and, on the other hand, anticipating an increasingly demanding market, with new markets in different countries of the world that join the demand for the product with differentiated requirements.

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