Marble facades are always a great choice. The timeless beauty, versatility, strength and resistance of marble means this premium material can often be found covering the facades of important buildings the world over. So, why not your home too?


Marble facades offer a number of highly attractive advantages for buildings on both a technical and an aesthetic level, regardless of whether the building is public or private.

o begin with, marble is one of the toughest natural materials for use in outdoor spaces due to its outstanding technical characteristics

Exterior walls need strong materials capable of withstanding tough weather conditions without being damaged over time and marble is perfect in that regard for house facades.

Its strength is another advantageous characteristic when used for outdoor marble facades as it means that the surface becomes extremely impact-resistant. However, the porosity of marble means that certain products should be applied to protect the stone and prevent it from absorbing moisture.

Marble is also an excellent thermal insulator that can help to save energy when used on facades. Furthermore, because it is a metamorphic rock, it is very resistant to high temperatures and is rarely ruined by constant exposure to sunlight.

Marble brings exclusivity and elegance to the design of building facades due to its unique nature. Marble facades undoubtedly provide a natural look full of personality, two values that are always becoming more popular in the design of interior spaces.

This material can also be processed easily, enabling different finishes, formats and compositions of enormous decorative value to be created.


Because this is a natural material that is extracted from the Earth, the broad range of marbles for facades that exist is almost limitless because each marble comes from a specific part of the world with unique characteristics, grains, colours and aesthetics.

Nonetheless, certain types of marble for facades have become more popular than others at present in the world of design:

Brown marble, such as our Gris Pulpis®, offers a host of advantages for exterior marble facades on both public buildings and residential homes.

Its beauty mainly resides in the warmth it brings to surfaces, as well as its enormous capacity to adapt to all kinds of decorative styles.Furthermore, the aesthetic variety provides a highly functional stone that brings movement to surfaces and offers a very dynamic appearance.

Our brown Gris Pulpis® marble is also available in a wide range of different finishes – from Rustic or Split face to Flamed, Leather or Bush-hammered – all of which are ideal for exterior facades.

Choosing a Travertino marble facade guarantees elegance and a result that will not go unnoticed. This trend in Travertino marble facades is a classic option for decorating the facades of modern homes with marble.

White marble provides a timeless, serene and very bright solution for facades. Where once it was a common trend in certain specific parts of the world, it has since gained global popularity. The fact is a white marble facade conveys a sense of enormous purity and brilliance that is hard to resist.

Using a marble ventilated facade system provides enormous advantages to any building, especially in terms of energy-saving. A ventilated facade creates an air chamber between the building itself and the outside because it is not directly secured to the surface.

This enables better ventilation and temperature control because the heat from the sun does not directly impact the building but rather the natural stone, preventing the accumulation of heat on the facade and boosting thermal stability.


Our exclusive marble for facades can be chosen based on the type, quantity and degree of processing you require.

If you would like to receive a quote that is tailored to your specific exterior marble facade project CONTACT US , just get in touch with us and we will offer the best price for any custom project.


Specific techniques and skills, as well as the right machinery, are required for installing marble on a facade to guarantee excellent results and safety for the installation professionals.

Even the specific weather and temperature conditions of each location can be decisive factors for the installation of marble on exterior facades.

Hence why marble should only be installed on facades by a professional team with the necessary knowledge and machinery for the correct installation of this material on facades, keeping risks to an absolute minimum.

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