Marble is a noble material featuring high durability and resistance, successful in the flooring installation.

Marble flooring not only is known by its high quality, but also by its elegant and sophisticated style. Moreover, its veins and natural chromatic variety allows us to create amazing marble floor designs, combining tradition and avant-garde. 

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Marble flooring characteristics

Marble floor house are a versatile, highly valued choice in interior design projects. It gives us freedom in the choice of decorative elements and creation of environments completely different among them by using a single material that brings a plus of quality and design to any room.

Although, nowadays, there are many marble floor tiles options available, the quality and authenticity of a Gris Pulpis marble floor texture is unmatched. 

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Marble floor colors

Marble kitchen floor, marble bathroom floor or marble floor living room require different finishes and shadows depending on the characteristics of the spaces and their essence. Thus, when choosing marble, you will have a wide range of types that will allow you to find the one that best suits the personality and color scheme of your projects.

  • White marble flooring

White marble floor tiles would be the most minimalist version of this natural stone. The success of the white marble floor kitchen and white marble bathroom floor in recent years stands out with Carrara marble floor tiles being the most representative of this trend. However, this trend has saturated the world of interior design, taking away originality and innovation from these types of projects.

  • Beige marble flooring

Beige marble floor features a traditional style, with great success during the Renaissance era, which has left us a legacy of works of art made by this material. For this reason, beige marble floor bedrooms have a more stately and classical connotation.

  • Crema marfil marble flooring

After black and white marble floor, the crema marfil marble flooring is recognized by anyone. It brings warmth to any space, and it features a sophisticated and fine style. However, the light shades of this pink marble floor make it sensitive to stains on the marble floor.

  • Grey marble flooring

Among the variants of dark marble flooring, grey marble floor stands out, an elegant and versatile option featuring a sensitive and daring style. It is a less demanding material on cleanliness, as its graphics perfectly conceals any impurities that may arise due to improper maintenance of this natural stone.

  • Black marble floor

Black marble floor tile is a risky choice not suitable for everyone, as it can be overwhelming and overloaded, especially the black marble floor bathroom. Instead, professionals choose Gris Pulpis, a dark but subtle marble, to create spaces full of mystery and elegance. Gris Pulpis is currently the most sophisticated version of dark marble, perfect for projects such as hotels, restaurants and offices, but also for private homes.

Marble flooring cost

There is no doubt that we all love marble projects. Once we have decided which marble we want, the next question comes: “How much is marble flooring?” Although the marble flooring cost is less economical than other materials, the price/lifetime ratio is more positive, as it is a natural stone known for its resistance and longevity, with a versatile character that adapts to all present and future trends. Contact us for more information.


 How to clean marble floors?

One of the questions we receive most often is how to clean marble tile floors. However, its routine maintenance is simpler than it may seem. 

– First, the surface must be swept or vacuumed.

– Then proceed to scrub with lukewarm water or with a specific marble floor cleaner. It is important to wring out the mop or cloth well to avoid damp or mould stains. It is recommended to use distilled water to avoid watermarks or traces of drips.

– Finally, dry the surface properly, especially when using soap. 

How to remove stains from marble floors?

There are many opinions on the best way to clean marble floors, while there are people who support the original remedies, at Mármoles Serrat, we recommend the use of specific products for it. The best marble floor cleaner does not exist, as it depends on the finish and type of the marble.

How to gloss marble flooring?

There are many differences between marble floor polishing and marble floor glossing. 

To get glossed marble, it will be enough to apply a specific product  using a specific machine, which will help it to recover the shine of the natural stone.

How to polish marble floors?

In some projects, homeowners wonder how to polish marble floors by hand. Due to the complexity of this technique, we recommend contacting experienced professionals, as this process uses special diamonds that millimetrically cut the first damaged layer of the floor’s surface. This process allows us to repair marble floors in case of surface imperfections.