Marble for kitchens is one of the most common materials to be found in these spaces. The kitchen is one of the most special parts of any home because, besides being where lunch and dinner is prepared, it serves as a meeting place for all members of the family and guests.

Your kitchen is an expression of who you are and your style. However, it should also be functional and highly practical because of how much it gets used every day.

Choosing marble for kitchens is a very common and excellent decision since it brings enormous value to the space and is a highly versatile material that can be adapted to all sorts of purposes and styles.


Given that the kitchen is one part of the house that gets the most use, the materials used to build it should be of excellent quality and highly resistant.

Due to its natural properties as a metamorphic rock, marble for kitchens offers a series of characteristics that make it an excellent kitchen material:


There are many types of marble for kitchens or other rooms in your house but, generally speaking, they can be classified according to their chromatic range; i.e., their colour.


Provided we are talking about natural marble, the available colour palette for kitchen marble is quite varied indeed.

The most popular colour options at the moment include grey kitchens with black marble and kitchens with Carrara marble. However,

marble pieces for a grey kitchen also exist, as do kitchens with brown marble and white kitchens with black marble. Below is a list of the main kitchen marble trends based on their colour:

A brown marble in the kitchen guarantees an elegant, natural look. It brings warmth and outstanding comfort to the kitchen atmosphere, as well as colours that blend in very well and can be used on both the walls and floor or on kitchen islands and kitchen countertops.

Demand for this material has sky-rocketed recently due to its elegance and the contrast achieved with its classical appearance when compared with other materials. It is unquestionably a great option for decorating all kitchen styles.

Although white is a colour we are very used to seeing in kitchens around the world, white kitchen marble is not always the most functional choice.

Day-to-day practicality is the main reason for that, because modern white marble kitchens need constant cleaning to keep them in perfect condition.

Black marble kitchens are not very common but they are surprising and exclusive.

Nonetheless, a black marble kitchen cannot be installed anywhere. When opting for this choice, we recommend having strong sources of natural light and a large space because you otherwise run the risk of creating an oppressive and gloomy kitchen.

You have many options when deciding to use grey marble in your kitchen. Kitchens with Gris Mara marble are one of the top choices this season, for example.

Gris Pulpis® marble plays with tones of grey and adds movement to surfaces with a neutral elegance.



If you are looking for an exclusive kitchen marble or would like to know about the quantity of kitchen marble you might need, we recommend getting in touch with a designer, architect or interior designer who can provide some personalised advice.

You can then Contact us Feel free to get in touch with us below for a personalised quote.


Kitchen marble does not need any excessive maintenance, but constant and disciplined care is required. You should immediately clean your surfaces after using them to prevent stains because they will not fade over time.

We must also be careful with the use of certain products, since, being corrosive, it could damage the surface of natural marble.

Besides daily cleaning, we also recommend the use of food-specific chopping boards to prevent marks or scratches on marble surfaces.

The correct maintenance of kitchen marble is essential for ensuring this material lasts as long as possible.

We sometimes keep our kitchen furniture or countertops longer than we should and the result can be clearly seen with the naked eye because the consequences are both aesthetic and functional.

If you notice wear and tear on your kitchen marble in the form or cracks or burns, we recommend replacing it because the surface has been damaged. This will only lead to more stains and imperfections that will not fade over time.

On the other hand, if the decision is purely aesthetic, then there is no reason not to replace your kitchen marble in order to give a new and completely different look to your space.

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